ETC International College review

I had to improve my English as I wanted to apply for a tourism course in English. I chose ETC International College in Bournemouth as they had a specialist course in Tourism and Hotel Management English and that was exactly what I was looking for. It’s an accredited language school by the British Council so I had the feeling that I can trust in this school. I also made their online test prior to the application.I applied for the English course online and they came back to me on the same day. After a couple of days I received the contract, and I was able to arrange my travel to the UK.

I am from Hungary, so I did not need a visa, but if you do they are happy to help with it.The staff at the school was very nice and helpful. I only had a few classmates, all together about 8 people in the class. I was grateful for this as the teacher had enough time for all students. He was a native English speaker who always gave good explanations and I think he was very patient. The course itself was really effective as I had 30 lessons per week (over 12 weeks!), 20 of general language and 10 of tourism and hotel language.I don’t have any friends or relatives in the UK so it was very comfortable for me that the school arranged my accommodation as well. I stayed next to the ETC College and shared my room with another girl from Germany and at the end of the course we became very good friends.

The service was ok, the bed was comfy and we had wifi in the room.I would definitely recommend it. I learnt a lot and Bournemouth is a very nice city.

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