Accreditation bodies and why choose accredited school

Schools, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom which offer courses in English as a foreign language are able to apply for an accreditation. Accreditation UK is a quality assurance scheme that monitors and improves standards of management, teachers, etc.

There is a very strict criteria for schools to become accredited by the British Council or its partner, the English UK. The inspection criteria contains the followings:

  • Management
    • Legal and statutory regulations
    • Staff management
    • Student administration
    • Quality assurance
    • Publicity
  • Resources and environment
    • Premises and facilities
    • Learning resources
  • Teaching and learning
    • Academic staff profile
    • Academic management
    • Course design and implementation
    • Learner management
    • Teaching
  • Welfare and student services
    • Care of students
    • Accommodation
    • Leisure opportunities
  • Care of under 18s

There are additional criteria points as well for the inspection of in-company provision, of international study centres and of home tuition.

The schools which are offering accommodation as well they must meet the scheme standards which is inspected regularly. The process of the accreditation is quiet long and difficult for the schools, only the best English language schools can get it.

If you are applying for an English language course offered by an accredited school, college or university, you can make sure that you will receive an adequate service and a good value for your money which is very important for students who have never been in the UK before.

There is another advantage of the accredited schools which is very important for students coming from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. They can enrol their students on a student visitor visa that means students can stay in the UK up to 11 months. This makes them much easier to get a visa to the United Kingdom.

There is also a UK support fund that ensures that the students of these schools can complete their studies even if a centre is closing.

If you are planning to come to the UK to learn English, it is highly recommended to choose an accredited school. The accreditation guarantees the quality: qualified teachers, safe premises, properly equipped class rooms, effective safeguarding and supervision of under 18s. Only the accredited schools, colleges and universities are able to use the sign of the British Council so you can easily find out whether a school is accredited or not.